1. Dedicated Cruise Berth for cruise Passenger Vessel has been provided with permissible LOA of 262 meters with draft of 8.50 meters. To facilitate passengers, a Cruise terminalis in operation from 22.12.2016, wherein all the facilities like Immigration, Customs are under one roof.
  2. Six mooring dolphins capable of accommodating panamax size vessels are also available for handling ore and other bulk cargo using ship’s own gears. Mormugao Port has facilities for handling dry bulk, break bulk cargo and containers at berth nos. 10 & 11. Special facilities for handling petroleum products and other liquid cargo like phosphoric acid, caustic soda, ammonia, molasses, etc., are available at berth no.8.  Berths 5 & 6 built  under BOOT with an annual capacity of 5.00 million tonnes which   commenced operation in June, 2004 are also available for handling cargoes like Coal/Coke, HR coils, limestone, Steel Slabs, etc.
  3. In addition, the Port has constructed an alongside deep drafted berth (berth no.8)  with necessary fire fighting and pollution control infrastructure to handle about 1.5 million tonnes of petroleum products and other liquid cargoes like ammonia, phosphoric acid, caustic soda, etc. The berth is connected to the tankage facilities of the oil companies. Vessels upto (50,000 DWT) can be brought to this berth where a maximum draft of 13.0 mtrs. is provided in conjunction with high tide during the fair season and 12.5 mtrs. during monsoon (June to September).
  4. The Port has also provided two modern Multipurpose General Cargo berth nos.10 &11 with a combined length of 520 mtrs and draft of 12.8 mtrs. each. Vessels upto 225 mtrs. LOA (Panamaxax vessel) can be handled in fair season and upto 215 mtrs. during monsoon season. Covered and open storage accommodation is provided adjacent to the berths. Rail and Road facilities are available for clearance of cargoes. A 60 tonne electronic weigh bridge is provided for weighment of trucks. 84 reefer points are provided for maintaining  the low temperatures  to service refrigerated containers.
  5. Berth nos. 5 & 6 are developed with combined length of 500 mtrs. and draft of 14.mtrs. with mechanized  cargo discharge facility on BOOT basis as a common users facility (capacity of 5 million tonnes /annum) by private operator M/s. South West Port Ltd. Adequate facilities for receipt/dispatch of cargo by road and rail modes are also provided at the terminal.
  6. Berth No. 8, 9 and Barge Berth are given to Vedanta on lease for re-development.
  7. One (1) transhipper having an average loading capacity of  about 15000 tpd operating in mid-stream and five (5)floating cranes are available with a capacity of 11000 TPD.
  8. Adequate depths are maintained at the berths and navigational channel by annual maintenance dredging. Day and night navigational facilities, pilotage service, tug assistance, pilot launches, water barge and mooring barge are provided round the clock. The Signal Station of the Port provides round the clock communication with the vessels calling at the Port.
  9. To facilitate container traffic and for use of the trade, Port has outsourced the total management of yard handling, transportation of containers within port premises to private party M/s Orient ,  Mumbai for a period of five years.
  10. M/s Adani Mormugao Port Terminal Pvt. Ltd., Ahmdabad(AMPTPL), the Concessionaire has developed a coal handling terminal of 4.61 MTPA capacity at Port of Mormugao, Goa, on DBFOT basis at berth No. 7. Mormugao Port Trust has declared the Project Facilities and Services as ready for operation with effect from 06th June 2014.  The project has been completed and the throughput capacity of Mormugao Port has enhanced by 61 MT
  11. Two nos. Harbour Mobile Cranes of capacity 100 and 120 MT was procured under Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (ASIDE) Scheme of Ministry of Commerce and Industries.  HMC was commissioned and used for handling Dry Bulk cargo, break cargo & container cargo at this Port. The capacity enhancement of the Port was 0.50 MT
  12. A web based Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) system has been introduced from January 2017 to avoid congestion at Gates.
  13. Hiring of 2nd Harbour Mobile Crane.

    One no. Harbour Mobile Crane of 140T Capacity has been hired from M/s Alba Asia Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, w.e.f. 25/01/2017 for a period of 5 years. The crane is being used for handling Dry Bulk Cargoes, break cargoes & container cargoes.

  14. Hiring of 02 nos. Locomotives

    1. One no. Loco has been hired from M/s. Adani Logistics Ltd., Vasco for a period of 3 years w.e.f. 12/08/2017.

    2. Work order for hiring of second Loco has been placed on M/s. San Engineering & Locomotive Works, Bangalore with due date of supply as 19/04/2017. The period of contract is 3 years.

  15. Additional Weighbridge

    01 no. 100T pitless type Lorry/Road weighbridge with microprocessor has been commissioned on 17/02/2017 and is being operated by M/s. Truck Weigh System (I) Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore on revenue share basis.

  16. RFID and Biometric Attendance

    Under directions from the MoS, the Port has implemented some of the recommendations made by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for enhancement of Port’s Operational Efficiency and Ease of doing Business, which includes:

    1. Installation of an RFID based Gate Access System for Port Users, Transporters and Visitors.

      The whole process of application, approval and issue of Harbour Entry Permit is online and can be accessed through Port’s website. All the Port Users are now using the new RFID based system for Access in the Port’s Custom Bound Dock area.

    2. A Biometric Attendance System for the Employees based on an RFID chip enable identity card.

      Both these systems have been installed through M/s. Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd., Chennai.

  17. Fire Tender

    01 No. multipurpose combined foam and CO2 Fire Crash Tender is available with the Port for round the clock operation.

  18. Polyethylene Buoys :

    Port had placed order on M/s. Hi-Tech Elastomers Limited, Ahmedabad for Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 04 nos. Polyethylene Buoys along with complete Mooring accessories. The Polyethylene Buoys have already been delivered and their deployment will commence after monsoon and complete by October, 2017.

  19. VTMS :

    As per the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code Port has to provide comprehensive set of measures to enhance the security of ships and Port facilities, developed in response to the perceived threats to ships and Port facilities. This necessitates requirement of a fully functional and updated VTMS system at any Port.

    Now, the existing VTMS is being replaced. The LOA dated 29.11.2016 is placed on M/s. Aatash Norcontrol Ltd., Ahmedabad, at a cost of Rs. 6.36 Cr. (Capital cost of Rs. 2.95 Cr. and AMC Rs. 3.41 Cr.). The completion period for the subject work is 8 months (04.08.2017), followed by Guarantee period of two years and AMC period of five years.

  20. Cannon Mist :

    To suppress air borne dust at various locations of Port which are handling, stacking & transferring multi commodity, Port has placed Order on M/s. Excel Combines, Goa for Design, manufacture, Supply, Testing and Commissioning of 01 no. truck mounted fog cannon mist machine with complete accessories and 1 no. portable fog cannon mist machine” at MPT with complete accessories. The equipment has already been commissioned on 27.03.2017.


Water is supplied alongside the berths directly from shore facilities and in stream by the contractor engaged by the Port for this purpose. Facilities are available for supply of fuel oil, light diesel oil and high speed diesel oil to vessels visiting the port at the berth with prior arrangements with oil companies.


  1. The port services are made available to the users on equitable and non-discriminatory basis round the clock.
  2. Vessels can generally expect to get berths within 24 hours on arrival, except for reasons not attributable to the Port like bunching of vessels, non-availability of cargo, etc. Port has put in place a transparent Berthing Policy, according to which vessels are berthed.
  3. Pilotage service is available round the clock. The Port’s Pilot boards the vessel immediately on arrival at outer anchorage/entrance channel. During monsoon season, Pilotage is restricted to daylight hours only.
  4. All the important trade circulars are hosted on the official website of the Port for the information of general public.
  5. Port Users can approach any and all of the Officers round the clock to get their grievance redressed or to attend to any of their business related requirements. In line with the current trends, the Traffic Department has also made available several trade friendly user groups in the social media so that the demands of trade are addressed on real time basis.


The Port is committed to maintaining user-friendly approach, provide services of certain quality and standard unparalleled elsewhere. The Port is an ISO compliant Port since December 1997 and has been conferred with ISO 9001:2015 Certificate by M/s. Indian Register Quality Systems on 06.02.2017.


  1. The Port is committed to maintain transparency and competitiveness in its tariff structure. Detailed Schedule of Rates  is available to the port users, on demand.
  2. The Port is committed to create adequate infrastructural facilities by direct investment of Port’s surplus funds for port development plans as well as by attracting investments from the private sector.
  3. The port is committed to improving the productivity, while at the same time preserving the environment and enhancing the quality of life.
  4. The Port is also committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment in the port area and aspiring for ISO 14000 certification.


As a part of continuous improvement in various services offered to users, Port obtains feedback ( in prescribed format made available on website) twice annually from all  users and the required action is taken judiciously to achieve the organization objective.


# Services/Transaction Weight % Success Indicators Service Standard Unit Concerned Dept.
1 Reducing turnaround time of ship 7 Average time taken 2.6 Days TM
2 Allotment of berths to Vessels 6 Time taken from the receipt of request in Berthing meeting and allotment 2 Hours TM/DC
3 Lease/License and renewal of existing lease/Sub-lease 5 Average time taken from conclusion of tender proceedings till allotment. 45 days CE
4 Pilotage 5 Average time taken by ship from pilot boarding till berthing 2 Hours DC
5 Monitoring PGRM and Citizen Charter on Portal/submitting monthly & quarterly report to Ministry of Shipping, New Delhi 5 To settle the grievances or report the outcome of grievances to the party 60 days GAD
6 Availability of cargo handling equipments Light Duty Mobile Crane  of 120 t capacity harbour mobile crane. 5 Average time taken from the time of receipt of confirmed booking at EW/ICE subject to availability of the equipment. 120 Minutes TM/CME
7 Maintainance of all Ports cranes,loco,tugs,vehicles, etc 5 1.Average time taken for routine maintenance

2. Average time taken for minor break down/repair maintenance

3.Avverage time taken for major scheduled and breakdown repair maintenence







8 Construction and maintenance of civil structure, roads,jetties, wharves etc 4 For projects- average time taken between requisition received in complete shape and commencement of the work 20 days CE
9 Providing MPT loco services railway shunting and handling coal Rack services to the S.West Port and ADANI Port 4 Subject to availability of Loco 30 Minutes TM
10 Mobile Harbour Crance of 100T capacity with hook and grab for cargo handling 4 Average time taken from the the time of receipt of request of requirement subject to availability of equipment till equipment is made available 1 Hours TM/CME
11 Medical Treatment facilities 4 Average time taken for examination of a patient(First Aid immediately) 05
12 Complains regarding Bribe and Corruptions 4 Average time taken for examine the complaint 5 days CVO
13 Allotment of strorage area inside the wharf on  temporary basis at Berth No. 10 & 11 4 Time taken from the receipt of request till allotment subject to availability of space 3 Hours TM
14 Prevention of fire occurance and control in the event
of occurrence
4 Average time taken from requisition of call to turn out 1 Minutes DC
15 Allotment of Gangs for cargo operations 3 Allotment of gang from the time of starting of shift 15 Minutes TM
16 Payment to Suppliers/Contractors 3 Time taken for running accounts bills from the date of receipt of proper documents till effecting payments 30 days FA & CAO
17 Raising of bills for services Time taken for preparation of bills 15 days TM/DC & FA & CAO
18 Power Supply
i) LT Power supply Service Connection to Port Users
ii) Temporary LT power supply service connection to Port’s contractors
2 Average time taken from the date of receipt of application complete in all respects, receipt of secutity deposit, Connection Charges etc. as per supply code and receipt of approval from Chief Electrical Engineer from Government of Goa i) 3
ii) 1.5
19 Electrical Power Supply complaints 2 Average time taken for attending normal complaint 1 days CME
20 Vendor Registration (a) Stores Division (MM) 2 Average time taken from the date of receipt of request till registration 30 Days CME
21 Registration of Contractors(Civil works costing upto Rs. 10 Lakhs) 2 Average time taken from the date of receipt of request with all required details. 5 days CE
22 Cruise Berth Facility 2 Allotment of Berths 1 Hour TM
23 Storage facility at Bogda for Gen. Cargo 2 Temporary storage facility subject to availability of storage place will be taken care by TM Dept. whereas Lease / License and renewal of existing lease / Sub-lease including storage facility taken care by CE Dept. 45 days TM/CE
24 Supply of fresh water to ships and water at Berths 2 Average time taken from requisition received and commencement of pumping. 1 days DC/CE